our story


WE Cooperative is women working together

WE Cooperative was born out a desire to bring women together...to share their experiences, to lift each other up, help each other grow.   Our goal was to offer a community where women could develop meaningful connections, experience personal growth, and share their experiences. 

WE Cooperative is more than just WE

WE is inclusive, WE is building, WE is women's empowerment.

We cooperative is your tribe

In today's mobilized world, we often lose our day to day connection to our "first" tribe - our moms, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters.  With that, we lose our support system that women so desperately need.  We Cooperative can help you build new connections and create a "second" or "third" tribe to lean on.

WE Cooperative is truly cooperative

We Cooperative believes every woman has a voice and something powerful to share.  The goal was to provide a space where women could act as WE "Contributors" sharing their expertise, tips, knowledge, and skills.  Remember - as one woman, we can achieve a lot.  As a group of women, we can grow a community.

our tenants