Welcome to the 2012 season of the CSA.   I’d like to give you a brief introduction.

About the WE Cooperative:  there are six of us who do the work of the Cooperative.  I’m Colleen – aka “go get ‘em gal” doing the overall coordination, marketing and customer relations.  Malintha is the “delivery goddess,” getting the goods together with the vegetables and getting them to you, as well as helping to source goods. Bob, the “master of disaster” is our web master.  There’s three more people behind the scenes:  Molly, Melissa and Misty are helping with customer relations, site coordination, box preparation and all the other logistics that go into bringing you fresh produce every week.  A note for those of you who have been subscribing to this CSA for a long time – Elizabeth has left the Cooperative to go to nursing school full time.

For this season’s weekly newsletter, four of us in the Cooperative, myself, Molly, Melissa and Misty will take turns finding recipes and writing about different items of interest, ranging from politics of agriculture to nutrition and cooking ideas.

A note about the WE Cooperative bags – we’re giving those to you to thank you for your support of WE Cooperative.  The bags, designed to hold 60 pounds, were made in the USA, by a woman-operated, family-owned business called Enviro-Tote.

We have all of last year’s recipes on our website.  You can click on any of the produce listed and it will take you to recipes we’ve already posted.


This week’s boxes likely contain the following items:

Chica: romaine lettuce, red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, red russian kale and green onion

Grande: romaine lettuce, red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, red russian kale, green onion, celery, red leaf lettuce, cilantro, salsa (add the cilantro and chopped green onion!) and kabocha (a winter squash that is hard).

Goods: eggs (small producers in Carmel Valley), lotion bars (from Rock Ridge Arts and Botanicals – Carmel Valley based) and Narcissus flowers (from Mountain Oaks Farm in Carmel Valley).

- by Colleen Logan

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2 Responses to February 28, 2012 Newsletter

  1. Lynn says:

    Thanks so much for all your hard work! I’m so excited for the season and this week’s box was awesome. Very impressed with the organization this year. Bravo!

    Made the kale tonight – so good! Blanched it whole (stems and all!) then sautéed some garlic, added the kale, red pepper flakes, lemon and some dried cranberries and cooked for about ten minutes. Yum! I’d love to hear how other folks cook all the amazing veggies. :)

  2. Larae says:

    My daughters were so excited to get our inaugural box of the season. The first thing they asked was if they could have the broccoli for dinner.
    Thank you for helping bring quality produce to our home.

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